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Halos Heaven Golf Tournament Results!

Everyone's a celebrity at the Halos Heaven Gold Tourney!

This dude totally chickened out of joining our entourage on the links in Vegas Sunday night.
This dude totally chickened out of joining our entourage on the links in Vegas Sunday night.
Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

The second annual Halos Heaven golf tournament took place Sunday night in Las Vegas, Nevada at the KISS Miniature Golf Course across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

TEAM ONE: Ladybug, Lana Banana, Darthe Duane, Call Me The Breeze

TEAM TWO: OpieJeanne, Mrs. HaloFan, Mrs. GlausIsTheBoss

TEAM THREE: Homercles, Glaus Is The Boss, Rev Halofan


Darth Duane in a Torii Hunter tribute jersey takes par on the seventh hole.


Glaus Is The Boss and Homercles chatting near the tenth hole.


LadyBug rocks out with Darth Duane as Call Me The Breeze looks on near the fifteenth hole.


The legendary OppieJeanne near the electric guitar fifth hole (at which your Rev shot a hole in one, gotta brag).


The Whole group as photographed by a guy who looked suspiciously like a cross between Ace Frehely and a groupie. hey wait a minute... Anyway, Left to Right: A mannequin who was all photobombing us, Call Me The Breeze, Darth Duane, Opie Jeanne, Glaus Is The Boss, Mrs. Glaus Is The Boss, Homercles, Rev HF, Lana Banana hiding back there we see you, Mrs Halofan, Ladybug.

GLAUS IS THE BOSS shot a 45 to take the championship. Defending Champion CALL ME THE BREEZE shot a 46. Team #3 had the best average score in case you are a miniature golf sabermetrician and want to get at the core meaning behind the numbers.

Non-Golf Highlight of the night was Ladybug shrieking like a sixteen year old little girl when the Kiss hit Beth started playing.