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Mike Trout Wins 2014 All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award

Derek Jeter leaves and Mike Trout enters as the face of the MLB? He did just win the Most Valuable Player Award at the All-Star Game!

Rob Carr

What better way to start the game than Derek Jeter lining the ball to right field Mike Trout launching a ball off of the outfield wall and stopping at third base. That was only the first of Trout's two hits. The second was a double to the outfield and earned another RBI. The pride and joy of the Angels had two hits in three at bats.

It seems only right that as Derek Jeter is leaving, Mike Trout is entering.

Trout is the second youngest player to win the All-Star Game MVP at the age of 22. And he chose a Chevrolet Corvette after his mother was screaming and pointing at the vehicle during the postgame ceremony. His other option was a truck, but Mama Trout was making her voice heard. Giving the car to his mother is a good choice considering his father got a car for Fathers Day. Keep both parents happy!!