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Mike Trout is the Fourth Angels All Star Game MVP

Can you name the other three?

The Fourth!
The Fourth!

Mike Trout was awarded the 2014 All Start Game MVP after hitting an RBI Triple and an RBI Double and scoring a run in the American League's 5-3 victory.

But he wasn't the first Angels player to win the award. He was the fourth. Each of our franchise's ASG MVPs comes from an incarnation of the team with a different geographic monicker. Trout did it for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. In 2003, Garret Anderson did it for the Anaheim Angels. Mike Scioscia was his manager that night - and GA had won the Home Run Derby the evening prior.

Fred Lynn was named the Most Valuable Player in the 1983 All Star Game as a member of the California Angels. he is still the only player to hit a grand slam in an All Star Game.

Here is some video of Lynn's feat:

But the first player to wear a Halo and be named the MVP of the ASG was Daddy Wags. Going all the way back to 1962, outfielder Leon Wagner was named the MVP of the ASG as a member of the Los Angeles Angels.

So Mike Trout is in good company.