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FanDuel: Odds are improving for Angels, Mike Trout

The Angels' odds of winning the World Series have improved, and Mike Trout's almost a sure thing.

Scott Halleran

Throughout the season, I receive emails from Bravada with updated playoff odds.  The emails show the changes from the previous month as to which teams' odd improved or got longer.  Currently, the Oakland A's are the bettor's pick to beat the St. Louis Cardinals to win this year's World Series.  The A's moved up, overtaking the Detroit Tigers as the favorite, by posting a 17-9 record for the month of June.  Over that same month, the Tigers were a disappointing 14-13, while the Angels went 15-10.  Here are the top 10 teams and their odds:

Odds on 6/2/14 Current Odds
Oakland Athletics 9/1 5/1
Detroit Tigers 6/1 6/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 8/1 6/1
Los Angeles Angels 16/1 9/1
St. Louis Cardinals 9/1 10/1
Washington Nationals 14/1 10/1
San Francisco Giants 7/1 12/1
Atlanta Braves 12/1 14/1
Baltimore Orioles 25/1 14/1
Milwaukee Brewers 16/1 16/1

The Angels have lost just two games in July, going 12-2 to move to within 1.5 games of Oakland atop the AL West division.  The A's have cooled off slightly, going 8-5 as the summer heats up.

Obviously, if the A's are the favorite to win the WS, they must be the favorite to win the American league pennant, but the Tigers and Angels are close behind:

Odds to win the 2014 AL Pennant
Oakland Athletics 13/5
Detroit Tigers 3/1
Los Angeles Angels 9/2
Baltimore Orioles 7/1
Toronto Blue Jays 9/1
New York Yankees 11/1

There are also odds for each of the individual player awards.  The AL Cy Young award:

Felix Hernandez (SEA) 3/2
Chris Sale (CWS) 5/1
Masahiro Tanaka (NYY) 15/2
Scott Kazmir (OAK) 15/2
Yu Darvish (TEX) 15/2
Sonny Gray (OAK) 12/1
Max Scherzer (DET) 12/1
David Price (TB) 14/1
Garrett Richards (LAA) 14/1

It's nice to see Angels' pitcher Garrett Richards getting some respect from the odds-makers.  The same people who added Richards to the Cy Yong list, not only think another Angel is the favorite to win the Most Valuable Player, they expect him to win based on the odds given:

Mike Trout (LAA) 2/3
Miguel Cabrera (DET) 9/2
Josh Donaldson (OAK) 9/1
Robinson Cano (SEA) 12/1
Nelson Cruz (BAL) 12/1
Victor Martinez (DET) 12/1
Jose Bautista (TOR) 15/1
Jose Abreu (CHW) 20/1
Jose Altuve (HOU) 20/1
Michael Brantley (CLE) 20/1

Those odds for Trout to be this season's MVP mean you'd have to place a $3 bet to win $2.  The odds-makers are pretty sure the Angels center fielder is going to finally win his first MVP award in 2014.

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