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Angels Win in Sweet Sixteenth!

Navarro Pinch Hit pays off!

Harry How


Mike Scioscia brought Efren Navarro into the on-deck circle three times in place of C.J. Cron but pulled him back each time. Then, in the sixteenth inning he put him into the batter's box with two men on and two outs and Utility McUtah answered with a base hit to score a speedy Mike Trout from 2B.

Of course none of that would have been necessary had Mike Scioscia not brought a post-hundred-pitch Jered Weaver out to start the seventh inning, let alone allowing him to face two batters. Those two ended up scoring and a 2-0 Weaver lead was a 2-2 tie that would last into the sixteenth inning.

But if we are going to complain about Scioscia's bad decisions we must celebrate his good ones and keeping Navarro as a bullet in the belt until late was the right call. Hector Santiago got his second win of the season after pitching two and two-thirds innings, the eighth and final pitcher the Halos would need to stiff the Mariners a little further away from their heels.

Light up your Halo and get some sleep. It was a busy Friday in Angels land and it ended on Saturday.