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Huston Street Trade is Angels in Win Now Mode

No prospects in the Top #100 were traded.

Camo Closer
Camo Closer
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels acquired relief pitcher Huston Street for four minor leaguers on Friday.

The 2017 Angels might have been hurt by the trade but the 2014 Angels had to make sure that things were as airtight as possible late in the games. If the Angels had acquired Street before the season and let go of Ernesto Frieri they would be in first place by at least four games with the best record in baseball. Street makes a difference now and can be renewed for next season.

This trade makes sense for 2014 and 2015 as Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton have what will likely be their final chances at seasons with an OPS+ over 120. Team that with Mike Trout in his absolute prime and a solid supporting cast and the window is open now but slamming shut in 470 days. Street gives the team the chance to, when healthy, compete as one of the best teams in baseball for the remainder of this season and all of next.

Taylor Lindsey might have been a backup with the Angels in 2015. As it stands now Alex Yarbrough could develop into the everyday 2B by 2017.

Jose Rondon will be the everyday shortstop that the Padres thought they were getting from the Angels when they acquired Alexi Amarista a few years ago. Hey, wait a minute...

RJ Alvarez had a sore elbow earlier this season. There was no structural damage, his stats are off the charts and now he will be saving games for the Padres minor league teams assuming that sore elbow doesn't get sorer or less structural.

Elliot Morris is a work in progress who might just win 20 games for the Padres in the next half-decade. Considering that the Angels signed Sean Newcomb on Friday, last year's fourth-round pitching pick was expendable.

None of these four players were on any Top 100 Prospects List. Huston Street was a deserving All Star. The Angels are in Win Now mode. The Russians are shooting down planes and Iran almost has nukes. Will we even be around in 2017 to see how this trade really fares for our favorite franchise or should we just try to win now before they blow the whole hellacious host of humanity to kingdom come?

To paraphrase Jim Morrison, All I know is that I want to get another ring before the whole shithouse burns down.