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Angels Soaked in Misty Mountain Flop

Angels Lose a Wet One

Hooded Men Are Watching!
Hooded Men Are Watching!
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

You may find yourself playing in perpetual rain.
And you may find living in a lousy strike zone.
And you might notice the rain stops when the other team bats and scores two runs.

And you may say to yourself
This is not my beautiful stadium!
These are not my beautiful players!

Well, how did you get here?

When did you let Albert Bat third? Let no water drip off Trout's visor.
When did you let Cowgill bunt like a rodeo clown? Water flowing like popped up stupidities.
Into the late innings - Like Pierzynski nightmares
The rain is such silent water - Albert can't field late in the game anyway...

Water dissolving? Or just damn annoying?
There is water at the beginning, middle and end of the game.
Carry the water, field the damn grounder, Albert.

When do you let Morin pitch two innings - After the Skaggs majestic game

Top of the pitching mound, there is mud stuck in his cleatings
And Pinch-running Grant Green, With no rhyme or reason
We were  up to bat, but the water was flowing down...

Same as it ever was.