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Just Another Josh Hamilton Cortisone Shot

This time it is in his knee and he is back in action!

...and you turn yourself around...
...and you turn yourself around...
Jonathan Daniel

When I read reports of Josh Hamilton receiving a cortisone shot in his knee after Friday's game, I typed "Hamilton" and "Coritsone" into Twitter and discovered that our super-contract Left Fielder has a long history with the super-healing substance.

Hambone got got a cortisone shot in his throwing shoulder last season:

Wait... he got one in May but he also got one in August:

So that is TWO cortisone shots last year in his throwing shoulder. Oh and fyi, the throwing shoulder is also used by a player as part of the batting process. So two cortisone shots in the throwing shoulder last year and five home uns through July this year. Related? Wait, don't answer that, there is more...

Okay... so now we have a cortisone injection in May, one in July and one in August. Shoulder, Ankle, Shoulder.

Wait... you forgot JUNE of last year. Where was that one? Survey Says...

So last year's Cortisone Shuffle went like this:

May - Shoulder, June - Wrist, July - Ankle, August - Shoulder... and how was YOUR 2013?

You put your shoulder in, ya put your shoulder out, you do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about. WAIT, Don't clap yet... is there such a thing as too many cortisone injections? Why yes there is, and of course, Josh knows his limits. Look back to 2010:

And then there was the whole saga of HamBone receiving cortisone injections in his ribcage in 2011. I will spare you the tweets, the links and the gory details. At some point will some force in the universe spare us this cyborg chemistry experiment and give us just a man in Left Field who can be justified holding the cleanup spot? Please...