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Week 16 Pregame Picks UPDATED Results

Week 16 Leader: 1964 (Fixed)
Overall Leader: Professor Baseball

Lisa Blumenfeld

Update: There was an error in the results for Game #100 which had big implications to points this week. Please re-review the scores. Apologies!

The Individual Results:

Game 95
Game 96
Game 97
Game 98
Game 99
Game 100

Game 100
Game 101
Game 102
Game 103

Weekly Results (here) FIXED VERSION HERE

The fix to Game 100 caused a change in the results for this week. With great apologies to dda, this result pushes him off the top spot, and gives it to 1964 instead, who regains 3 well deserved ponits. designerguy had scored 5 points that were missing, which was good enough to put him in 2nd with Professor Baseball.

dda gets the crown for the most points this week! Despite being a full week + 2 extra games, the top score was limited to 8 points. Perhaps due to the fact I accidentally missed adding a blackjack game this week. Not sure what happened there... but oh well! Nice work anyway! 1964, KDROB76, Professor Baseball barely miss out by scoring 7 points!

Overall Results (here) FIXED VERSION HERE

Overall leader does not change, as Professor Baseball stays on top, but designerguy is behind by only 1pt. In the bronze position is 1964 and max peter who are 4 points behind the top spot! 5th place goes to Chone's Chonies and blast21dave.

Another week results in the changing of the crown for the race to the top!! Professor Baseball is now our leader with 84 points. The lead is the largest I can remember in a while, as the silver medal is currently in designerguy and max peter's possesion at 80 points a piece. 1964 is in 4th, with 79 points... and Chone's Chonies and atlantangel are both in 5th with 77 points.

A 4 point gap! But the gap between 1st and 10th is only 11 points...

The FIXED top 10:

1 Professor Baseball 86 1
2 designerguy 85 1
3 1964 82 4
3 max peter 82 -2
5 Chone's Chonies 79 -1
5 blast21dave 79 0
7 Ant Fan 78 1
8 atlantangel 77 -3
8 Btown100 77 1
10 LanaBanana 75 -1