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MLB Ranks Angels Prospects, Turk's List Different!

MLB, Turk's Teeth and Ryan Ghan agree on the #1 Angels prospect. But the list varies wildly after that...

The Angels Unanimous #1 Propsect, Sean Newcomb.
The Angels Unanimous #1 Propsect, Sean Newcomb.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

MLB listed its Mid-Season Top 20 Angels Prospects on Sunday night. Prior to the posting of the list, Halos Heaven contributor Turk's Teeth posted the preliminary Top 25 list that he and HH scouting guru Ryan Ghan are working on on Twitter:

A lot of food for thought there. An hour or so later MLB posted its list on the Angels Website (LINK). It reads like this:

  1. Sean Newcomb, LHP
  2. Joe Gatto, RHP
  3. Chris Ellis, RHP
  4. Kaleb Cowart, 3B
  5. Cam Bedrosian, RHP
  6. Hunter Green, LHP
  7. Ricardo Sanchez, LHP
  8. Alex Yarbrough, 2B
  9. Mark Sappington, RHP
  10. Michael Clevinger, RHP
  11. Jeremy Rhoades, RHP
  12. Nataneal Delgado, OF
  13. Kyle McGowin, RHP
  14. Victor Alcantara, RHP
  15. Trevor Gott, RHP
  16. Eric Stamets, SS
  17. Mike Fish, OF
  18. Cal Towey, 3B/C
  19. Nate Smith, LHP
  20. Kody Eaves, 3B/C

So the logical thing to do here (unless you are Turk, Ryan or the MLB ranker) is to combine the list and ranking the choices based on 20 points for first place and 19 points for second place. Note that MLB's list did not rank Michael Roth as he has too many innings pitched (22 IP) to qualify for their list - so I removed him from the combined rankings and we are thus left with 26 players mentioned on either list and ranked based on their combined scores from each. Here they are:

  1. 40 points Sean Newcomb - LHP
  2. 35 points Cam Bedrosian - RHP
  3. 31 points Ricardo Sanchez - LHP
  4. 28 points Alex Yarbrough - 2B
  5. 23 points Nataneal Delgado - OF
  6. 20 points Nate Smith - LHP
  7. 19 points Joe Gatto - RHP
  8. 19 points Hunter Green - LHP
  9. 18 points Chris Ellis - RHP
  10. 18 points Victor Alcantara - RHP
  11. 18 points Kaleb Cowart - 3B
  12. 16 points Jonah Wesley - LHP
  13. 13 points Kody Eaves - 3B/C
  14. 13 points Jose Rodriguez - RHP
  15. 13 points Michael Clevinger - RHP
  16. 12 points Mark Sappington - RHP
  17. 12 points Kyle McGowin - RHP
  18. 10 points Jeremy Rhoades - RHP
  19. 10 points Drew Rucinski - RHP
  20. 9 points Harrison Cooney - RHP
  21. 8 points Trevor Gott - RHP
  22. 7 points Yency Almonte - RHP
  23. 6 points Zachary Houchins - 3B
  24. 5 points Eric Stamets - SS
  25. 4 points Mike Fish - OF
  26. 3 points Cal Towey - 3B/C

Cowart and Sappington are falling fast on this list. A lousy August could push the club to suggest to Cowart that he return to pitching. Sappington has the highest rated tool as scouted for the feature - his fastball is ranked 70 (80 is tops, 70 is the borderline of "great"). No other player on this list has a published ranking of a tool any higher than that. Newcomb is the only player who ranks in the's current Top 100 Prospects. He is as at #90 for all of baseball at the moment.

Stay tuned later this week for the final Halos Heaven mid-season prospect rankings! Our minor league data junkies are on watch.