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POSTGAME: Sloppy (I Saw My Weaver Getting)

Angels Lose in Extras

and she said SLOPPY
and she said SLOPPY
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

It was a terrible night for Jered Weaver. It was a lousy night for the Angels after the bullpen was awesome for almost a complete game's worth of innings.

Mike Scioscia held off pinch-running for Albert Pujols in the top of the twelfth inning with two outs and the old man only on 1B. A pinch runner probably would not have scored from 1B on Josh Hamilton's double but we can grumble, can't we - first thing the Grumblers have to grumble about Scioscia for a few weeks now. Scioscia said in the postgame that maybe only Mike Trout would have scored on the HamBone double.

Hamilton's knee cortisone has allowed the power of the HamBone to re-emerge if tonight is any evidence so the concern for the longterm (long being two months) is Weaver. Wow was he leaving up fat beer league softballs on tees to be mashed by the monster BirdLand lineup. What lays ahead is unwritten but looking like some pretty sloppy handwriting if ever there was.