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David Freese Heating Up, Angels Win at Home Again!

Jepsen-Grilli-Smith Holds, Hold and a Save get Shoemaker the W.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

David Freese hit a two-run triple to break a 2-2 tie in the bottom of the fourth and the Angels showed the Astros why they are the best home cooking team in all of baseball. It was the seventh straight win at home for the Halos, and twelfth in the past thirteen. And in the past 21 home games?

The team remains 3.5 Games behind Oakland in the AL West and is twelve games over .500 (48-36) for only the second time this season, their highest mark.

Matt Shoemaker, the team's fifth or sixth starter depending on how you look at it, went six innings, never had a 1-2-3 inning but balanced the seven hits he allowed with seven strikeouts. The three walks and two earned runs were not as bad as they look when the scoreboard speaks. Nothing like having the final say.

Kevin Jepsen and Jason Grilli pitched a scoreless seventh and eighth respectively. Jepsen had a 1-2-3 cakewalk but Grilli showed that the defense is needed when he is on the mound, although his contact-inducing pitching style seems matched for the good gloves in the Halo infield.

For the Astros, George Springer was so good in the outfield that even yours truly, the ultimate Halo Homer, has to say WOW, that guy robs hits and deflates batting stats for a living. Fun to watch - please do that sheet of yours against the Athletics and Mariners.

Shoemaker gave up eleven hits and eight runs in four innings in his most recent start on the road in Kansas City last Friday so all eyes were on him to see if the bubble upon which he sits, the one that separates him from being sent to the minors, well they were all waiting for it to pop and instead he showed a solid foundation and pitched his way into staying up in Anaheim.