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Do Angels Benefit From Price, Lackey & Lester Trades?

Has the Trade Deadline left a Silver Lining on the Halo?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels did not make any moves at the trade deadline but if they get a healthy C.J. Wilson rejoining the squad on Saturday it might be like they are getting the equivalent of a Jon Lester.

But more than that, the Angels have a few bright spots ahead in the schedule because of the trades that occurred today. They have three games with the Rays this weekend and none of them will be against David Price. They don't face the Tigers any more this season so the Price is Right for them there, too!

The Angels do have ten games against the Athletics left and will inevitably face Lester, but Halo pitchers and baserunners get out of ten games with Yoenis Cespedes... except that the Angels have seven games against the Red Sox in August and Cespedes will be there... but Lester, John Lackey and Jake Peavy will not.

Did the A's get better today? Eh.... maybe a little, but the schedule ahead ensures the Angels of a wold without Lackey, Peavy and Price. Pretty nice.