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Fourth of July Angels Lineup

Pujols Still in the 3-Hole

Hot Hot Hot Mister Freese
Hot Hot Hot Mister Freese
Harry How

Albert is still batting third but he is getting a rest tonight at Designated hitter and The Cron is at 1B.

First pitch is at 6:05 PM and the Nibbler, C.J. Wilson, is on the mound to make sure that no two-strike count will end in rapid order.

Angels 4th of July Lineup:

  1. Collin Cowgill is in Left Field
  2. Mike Trout is the Centerfielder
  3. Albert Pujols is the Designated Hitter
  4. Josh Hamilton is in Hamiltown, Right Field.
  5. Howie Kendrick is at 2B
  6. Erick Aybar is the ShortStop
  7. David Freese hopefully continues the warm-up at the plate while he plays 3B
  8. C.J. Cron slugs for us at 1B
  9. Chris Iannetta is the catcher so no framing for the Nibbler's plate-edged scrapers and skinners.

  10. With Wilson pitching we can assume the postgame fireworks will not have any twighlight's-last-gleaming to contend with, right? Although there is one subtle reminder for CJ to keep in mind - the Angels are in the middle of a six man rotation turn as Tuesday's doubleheader necessitates using the luxury of Hector Santaigo as a starter in order to give Garret Richards his normal rotation rest. With every good start by a Halo hurler, we take a step closer to the expiration o C.J.'s no-trade clause at the end of the season. Could it be?