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Angels Earn 7-6 Walk-Off On Independence Day

Mr. Trout brings it on home!

Stephen Dunn

Final score from Anaheim, Game 2: Astros 6 Angels 7

WP: Joe Smith / LP: Tony Sipp

Say thank you to Mike Trout, who hit a walk-off home run in the ninth inning. This prevented the game from heading into extra innings on Independence Day. Early on, things were looking very bleak for a win because C.J. Wilson just did not have it tonight. Wilson allowed six earned runs and barely made it into the fifth inning. Fortunately, the offense was doing a very good job keeping the team in the game.

Albert Pujols hit a home run and Howie Kendrick was 4-4 but Trout was the difference in the game late.

The bullpen calmed down the Astros offense. The bullpen combination of Cory Rasmus, Mike Morin, and Joe Smith gave up just one hit across 4.2 innings.

Again, thank Mike Trout for this Independence Day gift. The man can hit.

Happy Fourth of July!