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Erick Aybar All Star Scenarios

Could Our Deserving Shortstop Still Make the Mid-Summer Classic?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

You know that Erick Aybar is deserving of an All Star Nod. I know he is too. But what would it take for him to be named to the team as a replacement now that he has been snubbed by the powers that be?

The Infielders currently on the AL Squad are:

1B Miguel Cabrera, 1B Jose Abreu, 1B Brandon Moss

2B Robinson Cano, 2B Jose Altuve

SS Derek Jeter, SS Alexei Ramirez

3B Josh Donaldson, 3B Adrian Beltre

Jeter of course is going to get a shit-ton of playing time at ShortStop before the big scripted sendoff. Ramirez will take over at SS to complete the strokeathon - my prediction is the beginning of the top of the fifth inning. Jeter will come out to take grounders and then Ramirez will be announced as his replacement.

If either of these players is injured before Tuesday, Aybar is in.

Edwin Encarnacion is listed as a DH and is injured. Aybar could be named as his replacement. UPDATE: Encarnacion will not play and Mariners 3B Kyle Seager has been named to replace him.

If Cano or Altuve are injured, Aybar is an outlier possibility but doubtful, likewise if one of the 3B are injured between now and Sunday. (See Above)

If one of the three 1B pull out of the game, Aybar could come onto the roster.

If a pitcher does not make the squad the depth that already exists on the AL roster could portend to be a good thing for Aybar to make the team. Let's not give up hope. But let's be prepared for Aybar to metaphorically shove a bat and ball up where the Sun does not Shine inside Red Sox manager John Farrell when the Angels visit the Fenway Urinal later this season.