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Introducing FanDuel, a daily fantasy baseball league where you can win big money

SBNation has formed an exclusive partnership with FanDuel.

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mano y mano
mano y mano

Although over 11 million baseball fans participate in some form of fantasy baseball, few games offer the chance to win daily cash prizes.  Until now.

SBNation has partnered with FanDuel to provide you with a chance to compete with fellow Halo Heaven readers, and probably just as important, as chance to win fellow Halo Heaven reader's money.  Playing the game is easy.  Using a salary cap of $35,000, contestants pick nine players who they think will generate the most number of points during that day's games.  Here's a quick video on how the whole thing works:

Basically, you draft a roster consisting of a starting pitcher, a catcher, a first baseman, a second baseman, a shortstop, a third baseman, and three outfielders staying within the confines of the salary cap. It's possible to make your picks quickly, or if you're someone like me who obsesses over each little thing, you can spend a couple of hours going through every match-up.  However you want to play it, it's possible.  FanDuel provided me with an account in order to try out their game and become familiar with the way the game played.  I played a couple of times, and although I didn't win, it was fun picking players on a daily basis who I thought had a head-to-head advantage and who gave me the most "bang for the buck".

You can give it a try by clicking this link.

You can play in one on one leagues or leagues with thousands of other players, but the goal is to get enough activity among the Halos Heaven community that we can set up our own league for real money.  How cool would it be to be able to smack talk in the comments section that you took money off of Rev?