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Angels Knuckled Under at Home by Dickey

Not a great game.

Like This...
Like This...
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Anaheim: Blue Jays 4 Angels 0

File this one under: Glad I stayed home.

The Angels could hardly get anything going against R.A. Dickey whose knuckleball was in perfect working order as the Halos bats flailed away. There were a few scoring opportunities but they usually came with two outs and then there was that last out at third base by Mike Trout stretching a double on one of the few well-hit balls of the night and when he got tagged it was like... oh.

Remember that one year when Kelvim Escobar would pitch great but get no run support? Tyler Skaggs wears jersey #45, Escobar's, and is having the same thing happen to him. Even on an off night he was an economical and exciting force with which to address the league opponents.

And so the Angels home win streak ends at 11 games, one shy of the club record set by Don Mincher's Summer of Love Squad back in 1967. The Angels are back under .500 as a franchise at 4,272-4,273 (and three ties). Oakland wins so we go to 4.5 games back and tomorrow a shriveling former shell of himself C.J. Wilson takes the mound at 12:30 PM. Ugh.