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If the 2014 Angels Were Star Wars Characters

Why stop with Ackbar and Shoebacca?

Wookie of the Year?
Wookie of the Year?

For many seasons Angels fans here on Halos Heaven have refereed to Erick Aybar as "The Admiral" after Admiral Ackbar, a brief but critical character in Return of the Jedi. When Aybar gets a clutch hit someone inevitably will post "IT'S A TRAP" in reference to Ackbar's most memorable line in the film - when he realizes that the "under construction" Death Star is fully operational.

A few weeks ago the legendary poster acuda27 dropped the most awesome nickname in celebration of Matt Shoemaker's emergence as a dominant pitcher. Shoebacca. The tall bearded 27-year-old rookie has the silent strong mystique of a Wookie indeed, and the nickname caught on faster than any I can recall in my ten seasons running this blog.

So if we are to populate our team with the Star Wars Universe, let's get the main character heroes out of the way...

The Good Guys

  • Luke Skywalker - Gotta Be Mike Trout.
  • Han Solo -Jered Weaver
  • Obi Wan Kenobi - Albert Pujols
  • Princess Leia - The World Series Trophy
  • C3P0 - Victor Rojas
  • R2D2 - Mark Gubicza
  • Chewbacca - Matt "Shoebacca" Shoemaker
  • Yoda - Josh Hamilton
  • Lando Calrissian - Howie Kendrick
  • Admiral Ackbar - Erick Aybar
  • Jar Jar Binks - C.J. Wilson
  • Ewok - Hank Conger

The Bad Guys

  • Greedo - Jon Lester
  • Boba Fett - Billy Beane
  • Jabba The Hutt - Yasiel Puig
  • Darth Vader - Derek Jeter
  • The Emperor -  ESPN

Can you think of any other combos?