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Olde Time Base Ball

There's a place in Wyoming where baseball is still played the old fashion way.

From my recollections of Wyoming, I remember the state as being a vast expanse of nothingness.  That's not meant to a derogatory remark, as sometimes nothing is the best thing to have.  The sky is blue and large (hence the "Big Sky Country" motto), and the rolling plains seem to go on for miles and miles, and I suppose they do.

In the middle of those plains filled with nothing is a dead town where they play base ball.

The town is a ghost town called South Pass City.  The former gold mining town for two days in July plays host to a base ball tournament:

Every July, a group of ball players suits up in vintage wool uniforms for a four team 1890's rules baseball tournament in an old Gold Mining ghost town called South Pass City, Wyoming. For two days we battle on a field full of holes, sage brush, prairie dogs, rocks, grass, and dirt to earn the title of Gold Rush Days Champion! We use wooden bats and vintage mitts to prove our worth. Here's our story!

Here's how they do it in South Pass City: