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Friday Angels Lineup

Cron at 1B, Still No HamBone

The DH tonight...
The DH tonight...
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The lineup is out for tonight's Angels game against the Astros. Slugger Josh Hamilton is still not in the lineup and the Halos do not appear to need him. The Astros took two games in Houston last week so this is no pushover. Each starter for the opponent has an ERA comparable, and slightly better, with the Halo starter in all three games.

Here is tonight's lineup:

  1. Kole Calhoun - RF
  2. Mike Trout - CF
  3. Albert Pujols - DH
  4. Howie Kendrick 2B
  5. David Freese - 3B
  6. Erick Aybar - SS
  7. Chris Iannetta - C
  8. C.J. Cron - 1B
  9. Collin Cowgill - LF

And C.J Wilson is on the mound tonight looking for the team's 92nd win.

First pitch is at 7:05 PM. This is the start of a ten game home stand. The team's magic number is 7 - any combination of seven Halo Wins and Athletics losses that adds up to seven gives the AL West title to the Angels. Of course, the Mariners could, in theory surpass the A's were they to win a few as the A's lost a few but the Halo magic number against Seattle is 5 so it really is a question of WHEN more than WHO and much, much more than IF.