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Angels Slaughter Astros At Homecoming Parade


Magic Number is HIGH FIVE
Magic Number is HIGH FIVE
Jeff Gross

The Angels play for keeps. They pay in blood, but not their own.

They don't let C.J. Wilson dishearten them when he faces seven batters in the first inning.

It was their 45th come from behind win. It was their 92nd win overall.

The Halos scored two runs in the bottom of the fourth inning, one that saw Wilson give up his third run of the game in the top of the frame and scrub relievers hop up to warm up to salvage the night. CJ stick around long enough to be the pitcher of record but lots of the Salt Lake end of the bulllpen was needed to eat innings.

In the bottom of the fifth they turned on that run-producing thing they have been playing with. I wanted to get a drone at the Hobby Shack but now the Angels are making my friends and I think it would be cooler to have a remote-controlled big inning producer.

This secured a season-high nine game win streak, eight in a row including this one have featured seven or more runs being scored. When it was over, most of the group on the field was Salt Lake Bees and with the regulars showered and shaved, Alex Curry brought out hitting coach Don Baylor to speak live before what was left of the 33,339 attending the game tonight.

Don gave the usual boilerplate speech but the numbers indicate how truly vital Kole Calhoun and Mike Trout are to get things going. All of this has happened, awkwardly, without Josh Hamilton and even Albert Pujols is not the core force anyone would have imagined, but when those two get on, things happen in ways that make Howie Kendrick and David Freese and Erick Aybar look like superstars.

Oakland lost, and now we have to start counting our magic number down against the Mariners as they are only one-half-game back of Choakland and are tied in the loss column with them, so for tonight, the team's Magic Number to win the American League West is 5 over two teams. Light up that Halo.