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Angels American League Divsion Series Ticket Prices

Dig Deep

How much did you pay for that?
How much did you pay for that?
Kevork Djansezian

The Angels have qualified for the postseason and are inevitably going to avoid the Wild Card round and will be hosting the American League Division Series. They will play the winner of the Wildcard Game playoff if they retain the best record in the American League. If Baltimore surpasses them, they will host the AL Central Champion (Tigers or Royals). They will host ALDS home games on Thursday, October 2 and Friday, October 3 and a Game 5 if necessary on Wednesday, October 8.

These prices do not include the Diamond Club, where most of us go to see ballgames, amiright?

Upper View: $31, All Star & MVP Tiers: $41

Lower View Box: $36, All Star Tier: $41, MVP Tier: $51

Left Field Pavilion: $56

Right Field Pavilion: $41, RF MVP Tier: $51

Do you think that these ticket prices are a bargain or too steep? At most they are double the stadium ticket window price. Individual ALDS tickets go on sale September 18.