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Stellar Rasmus Pulled After 4, Angels Pen Evaporates in Loss

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Hand me the keys to your car...
Hand me the keys to your car...
Harry How

MAGIC NUMBER IN ANAHEIM: 2 ...The Angels sweep Texas but the Rangers step on the necks of the Oakland A's, making the gag in place on the dirt while the enemies get closer... and the Mariners get new life to make Choakland nervous.

94-57 is still the best record in baseball.

That was your silver lining.

The Angels had an early 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first. With two across, two on and only one out, Josh Hamilton made his first Plate Appearance since September 4 and grounded into a double play.

Cory Rasmus gave up one hit through four innings pitched, tossing only 42 pitches. But Mike Scioscia pulled him after a long top of the fifth (the M's pulled their starter, a reliever had a long while to warm up) and put in Jason Grilli.

Then the bottom fell out.

Grilli was terrible. Mike Morin let in all his inherited runners. And that was just the fifth. Fernando Salas was awful and suddenly there was no memory of that exciting four innings. All the Angels starting position players were gone after the sixth inning, it was that bad.

But things are good. We can pop the champagne tomorrow night if the ball bounces our way.