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SL Bees Match Felix, Halo Pen Can't Hold M's

Mariners regulars subdued by Wade LeBlanc but a sloppy late appearance by Kevin Jepsen opens the floodgates

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels sat their regulars after clinching the West. The assumption was that Felix Hernandez would dominate the lineup primarily composed of players who saw more time in AAA Salt Lake than in Major League Anaheim. That proved true. But minor league journeyman Wade LeBlanc dominated the major league Mariners. In fact, the game was blown by the Halos big league bullpen in the top of the ninth inning when Kevin Jepsen got two quick outs but could not put it away, flummoxed a pinch runner, intentionally walked a guy to set up a force out and then suffered the indignity of a three run home run.

The baseball gods were not amused when the Angels loaded the bases in the bottom of the eighth and did not score a run. And thus was Jepsen's ERA sacrificed to the force of nature that hold our fanhood by a thread of their whims.

Funny thing there is that while this puts Baltimore closer to the Halos in the standings for best record in the AL, it puts the Mariners closer to eliminating the fading Oakland A's. Hardy har har har.

Hank Conger hit a solo home run in the bottom of the ninth off of Fernando Rodney to make it 3-1 but the the tying run came to the plate but did not extend the game.