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Mike Trout Should Steal Bases More Often

The Postseason demands it.

Mike Trout.
Mike Trout.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Two things happened Sunday.

Mike Trout stole a base. It was his first Stolen Base since September 10. He stole one before that on August 28. He got caught stealing on August 21, so his lack of SBs has nothing to do with failure. It is from lack of trying. We hear the excuses but we really know the reason is that Albert Pujols is said to find it a distraction. Mike Trout stole 49 bases in 2012 and 33 in 2013. Today, in his 151st game of the season he stole his 14th base.

Funny we should mention Pujols because the other thing that happened Sunday involved him.

On Sunday, Albert Pujols set an Angels single season record of 28.

He grounded into his 28th Double Play of the year.

There isn't much more verbiage needed here. Mike Trout should steal bases more often. He is more valuable to the team on 2B than on 1B. He should run on first motion and dive for the bag with ferocity. We will score more runs and win more games if he does this.

It would be good if he started doing this now and in the coming playoffs.

That is all.