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C.J. Wilson Walks 4 in Less Than 1 Inning. Angels Lose.

The Chump is back...

Somethng Sure Stinks.
Somethng Sure Stinks.
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Oakland: Athletics 8 Angels 4

It wasn't a good night for the long term plans some of us have made for October. Sure, we are going to get there, But can you imagine that nincompoop C.J. Wilson, who ironically wears a teeshirt that says "Throw Strikes", on the mound in a meaningful game?

Losing to the A's is not the point here, our AAA Bullpen manhandled them and their fearsome .240 and below platoon Melvin Marchers. That gutless overpaid Mazda huckster CJ walked FOUR batters in the first inning. "Throw Strikes" - what a pathetic excuse for a supposed intelligent human being.

We need a dumb jock with stones not a dairy-free nibbler who throws the ball where he thinks it should get called. this is not some New Age class in envisioning reality - THIS is reality - you throw the ball where the idiot behind the plate is going to call it and the idiot at bat is not going to crush it.

Again. Why even have this cowardly pipsqueak on the postseason roster? Good Night.