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Who Does Josh Hamilton Bump Off ALDS Roster?

He may be healthy enough to play next week...

...if we take him, who sits?
...if we take him, who sits?
Lisa Blumenfeld

The Angels have seven days to decide their playoff roster. There is a strong possibility that Josh Hamilton will be healthy enough to play in the American League Division Series that begins in Anaheim on Thursday, October 2. The good news is that Mike Scioscia has offered his definitive support for Howie Kendrick batting in the cleanup spot. With that settled, which Angels player will get less playing time with Josh on board?

Collin Cowgill

He is a better fielder but he is one of many right-handed bats in the lineup. Wouldn't you prefer him in the lineup against a lefty pitcher and in Left Field late in a game? If Hamilton doesn't make the postseason roster or starts at DH, Cowgill is a shoe-in for playing time.

Efren Navarro

The Angels only have two lefthanded bats in their lineup after Hamilton - Kole Calhoun and switch-hitting Erick Aybar, three if Hank Conger is catching. Navarro is not going to make the squad ahead of Hamilton despite batting form the left side. If Albert Pujols were sore and needed to DH it might increase Navarro's chances, but unless pitching staffs match up, look for 2014's Toro to be done in September.

Brennan Boesch

He only makes the roster if Hamilton doesn't and even then it will take a series that features a slew of right handed pitching that skews to give lefties a heavy advantage.

Tony Campana

Another lefty, Campana is speed on the bases, a luxury the Halos might forego to slot Hamilton on the ALDS roster, even as a pinch hitter.

Can you think of anyone else whose spot on the Postseason 25 is in jeopardy because of HamBone's return?