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Angels Lose Game 162 As Mariners Get No Help For Wild Card

A meaningless Sunday, but to the postseason we go!

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

FINAL SCORE IN SEATTLE: Angels 1 Mariners 4

This afternoon, the Angels had absolutely nothing to play for. The Mariners, though, had everything to play for. A win and a little bit of help from the Rangers was required. The M's did everything in their power to win, which they did, including starting Felix Hernandez. But down in Arlington, the Athletics held on to win and squeeze into the Wild Card game.

The Angels gave just about everyone play in the lineup two at bats before sending in a bench player. The pitching staff saw the same type of approach. The only notable pitcher to get some action was Hector Santiago, going two innings with two hits and two strikeouts.

Now we wait for Tuesday's American League Wild Card game between the A's and Royals. It will air on TBS at 5:00pm with first pitch scheduled for 5:07pm. Ernie Johnson, Cal Ripken, and Ron Darling are on the call. TBS' pregame coverage starts a half hour before with Casey Stern, Gary Sheffield, and......... Pedro Martinez in-studio.