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Do Tourists in Vegas Indicate Baseball Team Popularity?

What team gear do you see a lot of in tourist spots?

Wayne Newton had no comment on the Cubs missing the World Series for the umpteenth time...
Wayne Newton had no comment on the Cubs missing the World Series for the umpteenth time...
Brian Kersey

Mrs. Halofan took me to Vegas for my birthday (the big five oh) and we stayed on the Strip, swarming with tourists. I saw a lot of baseball hats and shirts and a few jerseys strolling around all day and night Sunday, enough to make some observations:

Royals gear everywhere. Hey, I guess if you have been waiting for 29 years, fly the flag.

Dodgers hats but not shirts. Has the interlocked LA become like the Tiffany NY on the Yankees cap? The hat does not seem to carry with it team pride as much as a "West Coast" vibe.

Three guys I saw wearing A's shirts looked like preppy frat boys. Clean shaven, never banged a drum in their lives.

Either the Nationals do not have a national following or nobody from DC knows how to party Vegas style.

More Mariners gear than Angels gear - but word is Mandalay Bay is Newport East and I didn't make it that far south on the Strip- any confirmation?

Giants most popular team with hot chicks. Oh wait, I didn't look long enough to determine if the gender identity presented was in fact the biological gender. Was that a PC enough riposte for you?

Pirates are a hot, exciting team and everyone who loves them is not in Sin City this weekend.

Cardinals hats and shirts make one's skin pasty white and one's belly pushes out with such speed that it retains a horizontal shelf upon which that best fan in baseball could set two pints of beer if he needed to reach in his pocket to dig out his keys.

As classic as the Detroit logo is, Tigers fans buy the most merchandise that is updated, made to look designerly cool, faux retro - all that crap that you see one-offed for thee weeks at the team store and never see again - Verlander nation loves it.

Sample Size: a day of people watching center-strip. And baseball gear outweighed football gear - jerseys and all - as we approach the playoffs - again, one guy looking and thinking, often a dangerous, biased combo.

Do you ever notice any particular clusters of fans who like one team appearing to do so in a "pack-mentality" way?