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Angels Squeak by Twins Late, Lead West By 5 Games

Three More In Minnesota...

Howie Not Pitching, Just Pitching In...
Howie Not Pitching, Just Pitching In...
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Minnesota: Angels 5 Twins 4

The Angels scored four runs in the fourth inning in Minnesota and it looked inevitable that they would win their 84th game of the season and get back to their winning ways. But they hit a speed bump along the way as Hector Santiago saw his cruise control preference of throwing a majestic change up as every single pitch finally catch up to him. The Twins may have a terrible record but their hitters know what to do when given the same pitch to hit in every offering by a pitcher who starts every PA with two or even three pitches out of the strike zone.

Mike Scioscia let Santiago in one better too many as Hector allowed a three-run homer with nobody out in the sixth to make a 4-1 ballgame a tie.

At 4-4 Jason Grilli came in and shut the damn door. Kevin Jepsen pitched a scoreless seventh and Joe Smith tossed a painless eighth. In the top of the ninth David  Freese, he of the slump of the season and also a bad glove that in the sixth that was one of many factors leading to the runs then, well Good ole Freezer-Pop put on the Otterpop Ice Capades with a leadoff double.

Now here is where it gets fun - Mike Scioscia brings in Tony Campana. Who is he? He is the guy we got form the Diamondbacks for Zack Borenstien. I know, you think we got Joe Thatcher for ZB. We did. But guess what, we also got Campana. He has his socks up to his knees, he talks like Bilbo Baggins on helium and he is wearing David Eckstein's jersey number. He is a speedster and on 2B John McDonald bunts him over ...even with two strikes Johnny Mac is bunting. Form there Chris Iannetta pinch hits for Hank Conger and launches a sac fly - and it was the difference in the game.

Huston Street closed it out for the Save. The lead runner got on and - well imagine for a minute if Ernesto Frieri was our closer. yeah, I wouldn't be writing the following:

Light Up The Halo.