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Halos Heaven NFL Pick'em Challenge - Week 01

What?! Football in mah Baseball Site?!

Ezra Shaw

Well, the NFL Season kicked off yesterday... some of you may be excited!!
Some of you may not... (such as myself) given that we are deprived of an NFL team that we can really call home...

BUT I digress... what this DOES mean is there's a nice way to make a game out of this...
Yes... games.... more points... more ....

By the way, this has no relation to the Pregame Picks. So don't think you'll be racking up points for that here.
These are unrelated!!

Deadline for the picks is the FIRST game on SUNDAY.

"Winner" of the week will be determined by the following:
1. Most Correct Answers
2. Closest to Total Score of specified game
3. Closest to Total Score of specified without going over

If it is still tied, all tied players will be declared the winner of the week.

As always, a comment is required to confirm your picks :)