Two Teams That Need To Just Go Ahead And Fizzle

I understand that people love "a great story." It keeps the game interesting knowing the history and the background and the stats that make the team special. I can see why the Kansas City Royals and the Seattle Mariners would be great for baseball, Hernandez playing in the postseason, all the years of misery and futility finally ending in a clinched wildcard and division series or even a pennant. HOORAY! IT'S RUDY ALL OVER AGAIN BUT NOT REALLY BECAUSE THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE BUT AT LEAST I HAD THE UNDERDOG TO ROOT FOR.

Only problem is, I would consider those two the favorites if they make it.

We have shown that we can have home run derbies with the best of them. We are a fantastic offensively-minded team with a lockdown bullpen and a lot of great young guys in the starting rotation. Our defense isn't BAD. Our Starters aren't BAD. Our speed isn't BAD. But you couldn't really call these our strengths. And I don't mind. I'm just praying that the Tigers and A's move up for those three reasons.

Do you REALLY think that if Hernandez pitches the one game playoff, we're good to go? It's a five game set. They need three wins. We get to play the dreaded Iwakuma first. You can just go ahead and chalk an immediate one game up to a loss. Paxton and Hernandez later in the 5-game set (if it gets to that point) are not to be taken lightly..... EVER. Even with our history of success against King Felix, this season hasn't been so good to us in games against the likely Cy Young candidate. Robinson Cano alone gives them just enough offense to single-handedly win a 1-0 pitchers' duel. IF, and that's a big if, whoever pitches against him is even on. Can you imagine if Nibbles is matched up with him? Yeah, thanks for the "coaching," Scoscia. -------- Mortifying Fun Fact about Seattle: Did You Know Seattle has scored 117 runs fewer than the Angels, AND ARE STILL TIED FOR THIRD IN THE MAJORS IN RUN DIFFERENTIAL WITH WASHINGTON BEHIND US AND OAKLAND. And they're only 27 behind us.....hmmmm.... We scored 46 in our last five games..... Gave up 22.... which means...... [insert worried face here)

Probably the scariest to me is the Royals though. They have something that the Tigers and the A's don't have and the Angels and Orioles only have a vague concept of: fundamentals. Now don't get me wrong, their pitching is also absolutely terrifying, not so much as the M's, but I still don't like Shields, Vargas, Ventura and even Duffy (who pitches WAY better than his record lets on) among others against our Weaver, Santiago, Shoemaker (well, okay, I love Shoemaker). HOWEVER, their speed, defense, and baserunning got them where they are. They have the fewest Runs Scored in the entire AL Central yet, they're in first freaking place. Maybe that's because they're lucky. Not. They realize that, "Hey, if we win 19-7 or if we win 2-1, it's still a win!" They don't need power. They single, steal a base, bunt him over, sac fly. One run. Next inning. Single, steal a base, bunt him over, sac fly. They play JUST GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN. And that is all that really matters in the end. Ned Yost is a very, very strong candidate for MotY alongside Buck Showalter. Did you know that entering Monday, they had the fewest walks AND homers in the AL yet lead in SBs? If I were you, I'd take a look at the article Royals are from Mars, Tigers are from Venus on Fangraphs (I can't link it cuz this entire post is from my Galaxy SIII). Make sure you bring Tylenol. The stress you're going to inevitably feel WILL give you a headache.

I would sooner risk the suddenly-not-ace-like starting pitching, defensive errors, and bullpen troubles of the Tigers and Athletics than the airtight defenses and pitching and quick-and-savvy-if-not-powerful-or-patient offense of the actually-World-series-caliber Seattle and Kansas City. I confess that I often find myself rooting for them just to keep the two "given" World Series winners who are now doing terrible from going to the playoffs because it's hilarious, but I would MUCH rather see the Angels win a championship again than watch the A's fail. I mean, I hate them.... but do I hate them THAT much?

(First FanPost, sorry about the lack of statistics, I would post much more if I was on a computer)

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