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Thursday Halolinks: Happy New Year! Welcome 2015

A new year, a new season, same hopes.

Andrew Theodorakis/Getty Images

Happy New Years to you and your family!  Here's hoping 2015 brings us Angels' fans a great regular season, and a long, fruitful post-season.

  • Those Ben Zobrist rumors just won't go away.  Although this piece doesn't specifically mention any teams except the Giants and Nationals, it highlights how good of a player Zobrist is.  Zobrist decision not an easy one for Rays -, "His Wins Above Replacement as calculated by was 5.0 last season, which was 18th overall in the American League and higher than that of either Miguel Cabrera or Nelson Cruz."
  • I've never really thought about it, but we get to see actual Hall of Famers play baseball.  When I picture the typical HoF player, I think of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Cy Young, Sandy Koufax, etc., but those guys obviously played the game at some point (no shit!) so someone got to see them play.  Well, same with us, except the players we watch will be the Hall of Famers our children only heard us talk about.  Which active players are Hall of Famers? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN, "As for the present ... we're in an interesting era regarding potential Hall of Famers because there are so few obvious active candidates. In 2014, we had just four no-doubt future Hall of Famers -- the now-retired Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera and Ichiro Suzuki.  Within the comment section of the Baseball Think Factory's post is a comment showing the number of HoF players active during each of the seasons.  A quick glance of the number shows that there are about 20 Hall of Famers playing each season.  Who are the 20 we'll get to watch in 2015? BBTF's Newsblog Discussion
  • (Quick.  Scan the list!  Am I on it?  Phew, nope.  Hey wait a minute, what do you mean I didn't have one of the worst?  Haven't you been following along??)  This is one of those good news/bad news sort of things.  The good news is you've made the bigtime by being on the list.  The bad news is you're on the list.  ​The Worst American Sportswriting Of 2014, "William Browning, SB Nation | You Will Weep And Know Why Want to make sports Twitter stiffen up like a ninth grader in health class? Here is a 7,500-word essay on a deeply boring high school football game—described as deeply boring and forgettable by all involved, and that boringness in turn explained as virtuous—that will do, and did, the trick. The internet's writering fetish and the boom market for schlongform-by-the-pound conspired to will this into existence, whereupon enough conspicuously tasteful personal brand curators scrolled the perfunctory 10-15 seconds before deciding that it was suitable for Sharing, at which point it entered into the Twitter congratulatory cycle, and was scrolled on some more."
  • For you beer drinkers out there (you know who you are); Drunkspin's Best Beers of 2014, "Presented below, you will find a list of beers that I like. Lists of these sort tend to be taken more seriously when they have authoritative names, so my working title for this one was The Definitive Drunkspin Compilation Of The 18 Beers In The Universe That Are Perfect; All Other Beers Are Horrible. But that didn't fit, and/or my editor had some other dumb idea."