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MondoLinks: 25 days until pitchers report!

Hamilton recants and Weaver rebuilds. Which reminds us all that the players are turning their attention in the direction of Tempe.



While the northeast prepares for a light dusting of inclement weather, we here surrounding Anaheim brace for the onslaught of maybe as much as .14 inches of rain this week. So I think we fellow baseball fans on the two coasts should hunker down and catch up on some baseball links, before we are all overwhelmed by the football hype heading our way due to the Super Bowl Blizzard.

And, to get you in the mood, I am leading with a picture from the Angels MLB twitter feed of Mike Trout's official American League MVP award, which should be a major highlight for Friday, April 10th. (Don't get too excited. Single seat tickets are not yet on sale, so you have to wait.)


Elsewhere in the Heavens of Anaheim: In a pair of updates from Jeff Fletcher of ocregister, we have a Josh Hamilton, rapidly approaching the 2015 season when he is back in front of fans again, trying to walk back his negative comments about we fans that he gave immediately after crapping the bed in stupendous fashion during the minuscule appearance last fall........and we also have a report of Jered Weaver bulking up from 199 pounds at one point last year, to a current 224 pounds. I know we all enjoy BMI data, so let's welcome Big Weaver to the land of the technically overweight..............Hamilton, by the way, has set some pretty basic goals for 2015, which I would be OK with: ".300, 30, 100". Considering he is gonna make $23 million this year, those numbers should be assumed...........Some of you out there might be entered in this years Angels 5K already. My oldest has done this and says it's a gas. So my personal goal is to be running in the Angels 5K next year (2016). My total health overhaul is coming along well, since I am down to a 9:30 mile. That's down a full minute since November. I am giving you all fair warning to get in shape yourself, and join me!

Around Baseball: Let's lead off with recalling the passing of the great Ernie Banks this weekend. Joe Posnanski does this as well as anyone, so spend a few minutes here remembering a man who loved baseball at least as much as you, and who is going to miss Spring Training far more than you or I ever will.............Rev bashed in against new Commissioner Manfred and his worrying about the lengthening of games. Well, as I posted on Friday, Manfred's approach to speed things up before going whole hog and instituting a pitch click (as opposed to, say, just enforcing the existing rules) is to go after fan time: between innings when you and I dash to the bathroom and beer lines and young ladies fire free stuff into the stands. So, yeah, we are off to a weak-assed start. Guess what? It gets a lot worse from there, and FAST! Manfred would be open to eliminating defensive shifts. W...T...F...???..........Oh, and let us not stop there. Manfred has also been reshuffling the committee deck chairs. And the musical chairs winner of the week is Fred Wilpon. You know, the same Fred Wilpon who ignored all sorts of warnings (maybe on purpose) and lost a fortune in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme scandal? The kind of scandal where the ultra-rich are easily convinced that their wealth has granted them special insider access to even easier money, and better investment returns than we little people? Well, Rob Manfred named THAT Fred Wilpon to chair the MLB Finance committee............Deep Thoughts moment. One is not required to be extremely intelligent in order to play professional baseball. Case in point: Ted Lilly knuckleheaded insurance fraudster...........I am a sucker for vintage felt baseball pennants, especially those of the Angels franchise. That's probably why I already own the one pictured here in this recent find.