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David Freese is Angels Six Million Dollar Man

We can pay him better than we did - better, faster, stronger...

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels avoided an arbitration hearing with free-agent-to-be David Freese today. Freese accepted a 2015 contract for over Six Million Dollars.

In the 1970s there was a television show called The Six Million Dollar Man. In that show, the United States Government spent six million dollars on surgery to repair an injured astronaut. For their investment they got a secret agent who could run really fast on two bionic legs, lift thousands of pounds with a bionic arm and see great distances with a bionic eye.

The Angels will pay a little more than $6 Million to David Freese for hopefully something more than his 2014 weaksauce .260 batting average and porous glove at the hot corner. he doesn't run fast, he doesn't lift heavy objects let alone light objects like a baseball any better than anyone else around him and he doesn't have an eye in the batter's box that distinguishes him at all.

Let's just hope this whole experiment with Mister Freese ends after this season when he is a free agent agent. There is little more to say. Even Steve Austin, astronaut, a man barely alive only lasted three seasons on network television.

In other Halo News this afternoon, Gordon Beckham - a cheaper alternative in the infield to Freese who might well out-perform the Bionic Blunder in the year ahead - re-signed with the White Sox.