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Top Angels Prospect Performances of 2014

Taking a look at the performances of Zach Borenstein and R.J. Alvarez, two former Angels' prospects exported in moves to shore up the Angels' 2014 bullpen.

Alvarez debuts for the Padres.
Alvarez debuts for the Padres.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Keep in mind that this is not a traditional top prospect list because it focuses entirely on 2014 contributions. I rank guys according to advanced metrics which, for position players, include batting runs above average (now from Fangraphs), positional adjustment, and a replacement level calculation that scales the total to "Wins Above Replacement" (though the concept of replacement level doesn't really apply to minor leaguers, obviously). Defense is a best guess, though I'd like to think it's an informed one. I use a standard "runs allowed based" WAR formula for pitchers for the ranking, but include FIP-based WAR for comparison.

You'll note that one of today's guys did not make the usual 2.0 WAR cutoff that I've used for past rankings. Both are no longer an Angels prospects. This is intentional, because I wanted to track turnover on the Halos' farm.

Zach Borenstein, 23, AAA.  2.0 WAR. .258/.320/.432 with 15 HR's and 9 SB's

It's a little funny how fast the guy who made Randal Grichuk expendable became expendable himself. Joe Thatcher was terrible in red, retiring just nineteen of the thirty-five hitters faced. For those nineteen outs, the Halos handed over Zach Borenstein and Joey Krehbiel to the Diamondbacks. Borenstein has fallen a ways since his monster .337/.403/.631 California League campaign, but aside from a wretched month with Salt Lake, his work in 2014 was adequate. Perhaps looking to build on his over-the-fence pop, he pulled the ball more often than he had in 2013, but the only outcome was more useless ground balls to the left side and proportionally less of the hard, linedrives-to-all-fields contact that made his 2013 campaign so exciting.

R.J. Alvarez, 23, AA    RA-9 WAR:1.9.  FIP WAR: 1.9. 1.25 ERA / 43.1 IP / 36% k-rate / 8% BB rate. Now with the Oakland A's.

Monster fastball, sharp mid-80's slider, and an emerging change-up. If his command tightens up and his balky elbow holds together, he'll be a big part of the back of San Diego's Oakland's bullpen for years. He's in the running for most valuable longterm piece given up by Dipoto to fix the Halos' own longstanding bullpen woes.