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The Best Of Trout In 2015: Mind-Bending Slides, Walk-Off Dingers, Big Hits And The Catch

It's obvious the kid needs his own list.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Catch

You knew this one was coming first, right? Mike Trout does so many great things on a pretty regular basis that it's hard to pick just one. But if I were forced to pick only one Trout play that encapsulated his 2015 season, it'd have to be The Catch. I mean, we've seen great catches from Trout before; we've seen big hits and nice throws; we've seen ungodly WAR totals. It's old hat, right? And then he goes and does something even greater than great. Let's go to the video!

Honestly, this play saved the game. Had Mike Trout neglected to do his best Spider-Man imitation (sorry, Torii, you know it's true), the M's would have had a 5-1 lead with no outs in the fourth. And come on, we all watched the same team this year; "come-from-behind wins", "scoring runs", "beating teams"...these were not things we thought of when we thought of the 2015 Angels.

The Slide

I had to open with the video on this one, because words really can't do it justice. Mike Trout is stealing. Mike Trout is stealing third base. Mike Trout is stealing third base with a right-handed pitcher on the mound AND a left-handed batter at the plate. Mike Trout is stealing third base by doing his best Neo-from-The Matrix impression and bending around, ahead of and behind Brock Holt's tag. As Keanu Reeves would say: "Whoa."

The Walk-Off

On a quiet July night, Mike Trout decided to make some noise. With two outs already recorded in the bottom of the night, Red Sox closer Koji Uehara probably thought he'd be getting high-fives in no time, and David Ortiz probably thought he still had time to be a hero. They were both wrong.

You're right, Gubi, you can't even describe it sometimes when you talk about Mike Trout.

The Grand Slam

In a series where the Angels hoped to put some distance between themselves and the Twins, their nearest competition for the second Wild Card spot, Trout came up big in a big second inning. After Hector Santiago dug an early, five-run hole for his teammates, they responded in the second with a hearty, "We got this, Hector." Going on to win the game, 11-8, the Angels made a strong opening statement in the first game of a huge four-game set.

The Triple

If the series against the Twins was huge, the four-gamer against the Rangers to end the season was gargantulicious. After a gutsy, gritty, veteran-y starting performance by Jered Weaver, in which he held Texas to only one run, Trouter decided to kick it up a notch to start the ninth.

After Trout's 21mph race to the hot corner, Albert Pujols hit a single to score the youngster and secure a 2-1 lead that would hold for the win.

So, what did I miss? What are you favorite Mike Trout moments from 2015?

EDIT: So, here's how good Trout is. There is absolutely no shortage of great 2015 moments to post here, and I had no trouble finding the ones above. And yet, thanks to some fantastic suggestions by TheKingfish, htennis and our beloved leader, I have to include the following know, the one about the OTHER grand slam and the one about Trouter winning his second All-Star Game MVP in as many years. No big deal or anything.

The Two-In-One

Trout not only hits grand slams, he calls glass.

Oh, by the way, that was his second big fly of the game. The first dinger was in the first inning. This one was just for fun.


It's still up in the air as to whether Trout will get his second consecutive MVP Award for the 2015 season, but we already know that he got his second consecutive All-Star Game MVP Award. Relive the glory below.