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The Best Of The Angels In 2015: Fighting Until The End

Even though they fell short on the last game of the year, there were plenty of great moments for the Angels in 2015.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tag

What a delicious way to end one of the best games in recent memory. Wait, I started at the end. We need to go back...

The Comeback

Heading into the ninth inning of game 161, a must-win contest, the Angels trailed the Rangers, 10-6. Then...

But, a video is worth several thousand words, so let's go to the tape.

Oh, and that tag up above? That's how this glorious game ended. I love baseball.

The Great Start

Literally, this was a great start. On the mound and to the season. In only the second game of the year, CJ showed us all what he's capable of when healthy.


Nothing turns me on more* than a complete game shutout. And that's just what The Weave offered up against main division rival of 2015, the Astros.

*As a baseball fan. You don't want to know what turns me on otherwise. Hint: It involves WD-40.

Hot Albert

Remember that glorious spell this season when Albert Pujols put the team on his back and blasted off? Well, this video comes from that all-too-brief period.

Sure, Albert's hot streak was brief, but, just like adult relations, stamina isn't everything. Right? RIGHT?!

The Buttercupping Of The A's

This one goes on the list, not only because of the epic comeback, but also because I was at the game. At the time, I wrote this in the postgame thread. Truly a glorious game.


Not only did the Angels stomp the Rangers, 13-0, on Independence Day, but C.J. Cron accounted for six of the thirteen runs. America!

The Only Good Thing To Happen In August*

Weaver and the relief corps shut out the White Sox and ended the game on a bang-bang double play.

*Okay, not technically true, but it sure seemed that way at the time.

All Your Wild Cards Are Belong To Us

Nick Tropeano turned in a brilliant start, and the Angels leaped over the Astros in the Wild Card race. It was a good night.

Honorable Mention: Bye Bye, Texas

That bat flip? Terrible. Just terrible. Against the Rangers? Awesome. Just awesome.

So, fill me in, what was your favorite moment of the 2015 season?