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As Anaheim offices deplete, Billy Eppler is hiring

As the offices in Anaheim deplete, Billy Eppler is hiring. Math geniuses wanted. Must know how to communicate using fingerpaints.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Ok, Scott Servais is jetting up to skipper the Mariners. And Tim Bogar is going to keep the tubs of gum and seeds all organized in the dugout.

And, very likely, Matt Klentak will be off to Philadelphia as early as Monday.

Jerry Dipoto must have walked back upstairs late last June and call his team together and told them "Look, I have had it. I'm outta here. If any of you guys want to follow, I will make sure you have a place to land. Here's my private email. See ya'!"

Now Billy Eppler is in the chair, and his lieutenants are all cashing out, either by their own design or by his.

Either way, Eppler is now hiring.

Do you wanna be a Director of Quantitative Analysis? That job is now posted.

No? Perhaps Baseball Information Analyst is more your cup of tea?

Beware the job requirements, however: "Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate complex concepts to colleagues possessing a diverse set of backgrounds and with varying experience with quantitative methods." My guess is that would mean they are looking for somebody more qualified than Jerry Dipoto.