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The only music I care about any more are these crazy songs someone wrote about the Angels

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Have you ever been listening to someone like Daniel Johnston, Moldy Peaches or Andrew Jackson Jihad and thought "Man, this outsider, anti-folk type of sound is really dope. The only problem is nobody ever sings about the Mike Scioscia"? Or perhaps you've always been wishing someone would make some seedy, moody, southern-fried bar rock with lyrics that tell the story of Kendrys Moralesankle-breaking home run celebration?  Well, you're in luck, because I am here to introduce you to a group(presumably just one dude) named The Los Angeles Sports Band. Your view on music as a whole is about to be changed forever. I stumbled upon these jamz today and my brain is still spinning, mind is still blown. It's like the first time I heard Death Grips all over again. To say music will never be the same for me again is an insane understatement; all other music has pretty much been ruined, because there is nobody that will hold a candle to LASB.

Here's what we know: There are THREE(!!!!) whole albums from Los Angeles Sports band. There is 2008's Dodgers, Lakers, Angels and Clippers; then came 2010's Lakers, Angels, Dodgers and Clippers; and finally, there is 2012's amazing(and cleverly titled) Clippers, Lakers, Angels and Dodgers. Three albums of pure, aural bliss filled with ups, downs, revelations and musical genius.

Most of these videos had literally ZERO views when I happened to come across them, which is just evidence of how out-of-touch and unfair the world is for truly groundbreaking artists. LASB's audience may not even be born yet, leaving them(him) to wallow in obscurity while analogues like Bruce SpringsteenJeff Mangum and Kimya Dawsonare out there getting notoriety off of similarly good tunes that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Angels. Who wants to listen to a run-of-the-mill anti-folk song when you can listen to one about Mike Scioscia?!

Ask Garrett Anderson and Vlady Guerrero, they'll say 'Mike Scioscia IS our hero' He's a hard nosed coach, he doesn't ask for forgiveness. If the Angels lose it's due to his over-aggressiveness

Poetry, I tell you. Poetry.

Here's a dope song about Mike Trout, that really delves into the communal hysteria he is prone to cause when he's doing his thing on the baseball diamond. This is LASB getting way more raucous and rowdy, and the production levels on this one really stood out amongst other, more low key jams.

Sometimes LASB gets a little subdued, and emotional, as evidenced in songs like Vladimir Guerrero or the sullen ballad about C.J. Wilson...called "C.J. Wilson":

"Albert Pujols" might be LASB's magnum opus, though. It's sweeping, soaring tale of a baseball player who "for over a decade he played with the Cards, now he's come to Los Angeles where he continues to work real hard!", and that chorus consisting of just saying Pujols' name is reminiscent of the Springsteen's work on Darkness at the Edge of Town. Haunting, both lyrically and musically.

Go ahead and delete all of the music you've accumulated throughout your life, be it digital or physical formats. It's all basically useless now, because these songs are the only thing that Angels fans will ever need to have in their ears. Next, go and buy EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of LASB's songs. I don't care if you have to pay $10 per mp3. When LASB's recordings are looked back as legitimate pieces of art in a decade or two ago, you'll be bummed and i'll be all "Man, i've been listening to LASB for years" and you'll realize you missed out on your chance to be cool. Los Angeles Sports Band will be looked back upon as a legendary, watershed moment in not only musical history, but in the arts in general.

Quick: what was the last music you listened to? Got your answer? Okay, well then realize this: whatever/whomever it was, they are nowhere near as amazing and deserving of your attention as Los Angeles Sports Band.