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Haunted Weekend Halo-ween Links

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Hello my Halo-loving ghouls and ghosts. Hope you're ready for a weekend of trick or treat fun and scares around every corner, because Halloween has descended upon us. What frightens you most about the Angels right now? Are you going to show up to any Halloween parties dressed as your favorite Angels player, or perhaps donning a red polo and mustache while throwing money around the place and calling yourself Arte Moreno? Whatever you have setup for this gloriously grisly and spooky holiday, just make sure you have lots of frightened fun while also staying safe.


Angels Baseball

No duh: Mike Trout and Kole Calhoun are nominated for Gold Glove awards, naturally. We saw the proof was in the fielding pudding all season long, now it's just up to Rawlings to realize the greatness of Trout and The Red Baron. Not so fast, though, because this is the fourth year in a row Trout has been nominated, but he's yet to win the award, and this is Kalhoun's second consecutive nomination, as well. No sure thing, but it should be. (I'm a homer, yes.)

The Ghost of Hambone: Josh Hamilton is still haunting the Angels, but not in a cool, The Conjuring type way. It's more like a "I'll go play for another team while you guys are saddled with a huge bill on the books" type of way. ESPN talks about how the Angels are just one team in a string of many who will feel that torrid financial sting for awhile.


Elsewhere in Baseball

Mets is good eatin': If you happened to be a fan of the NY Mets, and wanted to eat nothing but Mets-related food, then you're in luck.

Don Mattingly lands safely in hell: Hell, of course, is the Miami Marlins. Donnie Baseball was all set up to have the Dodgers pay him for doing nothing next year, but instead he chose to go manage one of the most struggling franchises in MLB. Good luck with that, dude.

Blue Jay flys away: The Blue Jays' are moving pieces around, starting with GM Alex Anthopoulos. Anthopoulos had a six year run with the Blue Jays, and stacked them with some high profile trades. Here are five strategic turning points from ol' AA's tenure(yes, it includes the insane Vernon Wells-to-Angels trade)

A-Rod has become self aware: Alex Rodriguez went on Jimmy Fallon, and was asked what advice he'd give to a younger A-Rod. Normally, I feel like A-Rod would stare off into space during one of these types of questions, his brain as perplexed as if he were told he were in a desert and came upon a turtle on it's back, struggling to turn over. But nope, A-Rod actually had some advice for his younger self: don't take that dumb picture where you kissed yourself in a mirror. That's actually great advice, but lucky for us, he doesn't own a time machine and those pics are always there for us to laugh at and mock.

Today in history: On today's date in 2001, George Bush threw out the first pitch of Game 3 of the World Series. It was in New York, just 49 days after 9/11.

LOL: Sam Miller has a funny piece on the people you meet at Citi Field. Sounds like a party to me! Get hyped, New York.


Halloween Links

Scary movie quiz: Take this quiz if you're looking for a scary movie to watch this weekend.

Who doesn't like a scary story?Spooky stories that are most likely untrue, but that's never gotten in the way between me and some good chills.

Behind the frights: Go behind the scenes on 10 iconic horror movie moments. I love stuff like this.

Bigfoot is real, I tell you: Ever wonder what people are like at Bigfoot conventions? Well, here you go. Yes, bigfoot conventions exist.

Dead by dawn: Bruce Campbell talks about his legacy as the butt-kickin' Ash, from the Evil Dead series. This dude rules, and if you watch anything horror-related this weekend, it should probably be the premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz.


This Date In Baseball History (ignoring all the guys who happened to be named to individual awards on this date.): 1956 - Ebbets Field is sold to real estate developer Marvin Kratter. the outdated home of hte Brooklyn Dodgers, it was leased back to Walter O'Malley through 1959, with a possible 2-year extension beyond that. O'Malley was busy negotiating with city officials in New York for a new ballpark, negotiations which would eventually fall through. The Dodgers would move to LA after the 1957 season, taking the Giants with them and destroying any residual chance the PCL had of becoming the third Major League. Ebbetts Field became an apartment complex..........1967 - It is announced that the Chicago White Sox will play 9 regular season games in Milwaukee, the city that the Braves had recently abandoned for Atlanta. (The first of these "Milwaukee White Sox" games will be won by the California Angels.) The plan itself is put together by 31-year old Milwaukee auto dealer Bud Selig, who was crushed by the Braves departure. Selig will reclaim a team for Milwaukee a couple of years later, when the expansion American League Pilots close after their one and only season in Seattle, and relocate to become the Brewers in 1970. (And Seattle will get another shot when the mariners open for business in 1977.)...........2007 - After seeing Joe Torre reject a huge pay cut to remain as manager of the Yankees, the Yankees sign Joe Girardi as their new skipper..........and the Dodgers announce that, by mutual agreement (sound familiar), Grady Little will not return as LAD manager. Guess where Joe Torre ends up..........2007 - Ria Cortesio is released after 9 years of minor league umpiring. She had been professional baseball's only female umpire, having worked the 2006 Futures Game and Home Run Derby, and being on the field for a spring training game between the D'backs and Cubs..........2009 - Tom Rickets, new Chairman of the Chicago Cubs, pledges to take the Cubs to a World Series Championship, and take the long and steady road to do it. Looks like things are tracking well for that pledge..........2013 - The Boston Red Sox win the World Series, reasserting their status as sloppy obnoxious asshats..........

HISTORY BONUS: Supposedly, this page includes super rare film footage of the 1917 World Series, when the ChiSox defeat the Giants 4 games to 2. I take it on faith, though, since the page mechanics are chock full of ads and surveys (even with an ad blocker) and I don't have time to wait around for all that nonsense...........