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Scariest Halloween trick ever: Dodgers are interviewing Darin Erstad for manager position

Ed Zurga/Getty Images


I mean, I LOVE Halloween and getting spooked out by a nice haunted house or maybe watching a scary movie, but this...this is TOO far, Dodgers. Darin Erstad is about as beloved as an Angels player as a person can get, so this is just downright horrifying and blood curdling, if true. Erstad has been coaching at his alma mater, Nebraska ,for the past few years, and led them too a 139-97 record. It'd be a curious managerial hire, to say the least, considering he's only been at the college level, and even then it's been a relatively short time that he's been manager. I'm chalking this up to the Dodgers wanting to scare the majority of the Angels' fanbase half to death. Well played, guys...speaking for myself, I think it pretty much worked. I'm still shivering in cold fear.

Interestingly enough, when I did the Mike Trout/Lunar Trout 2 experience back in September, I actually brought up Darin Erstad to both Dino Ebel and Gary Disarcina. We had some downtime towards the end of the event, and I forget what led to the question, but I asked them both if they are in contact with Erstad, and if so, would he ever be interested in a coaching gig with the Angels. They both said he talks with guys from the Angels on a regular basis, and that he'd never leave Nebraska, because it's his dream job. They stressed that he's living in his old stomping grounds, and that he loves working with young guys at his alma mater, so it'd be almost impossible for him to give all that up.

Of course, that was just in reference to a coaching job, like bench coach or 1st/3rd base...not a full fledged manager of one of the biggest teams in baseball. I think they were telling the truth about Erstad, but if there's one thing that could pry a guy away from his dream job of managing the Huskers, it'd be a manager job at the highest level, on a high profile team that came with a couple Brinks trucks worth of cash.

I hope this is all just some sick, twisted Halloween scare brought on us as a joke from our crosstown rivals. I hope that Dino and Disar are right, and this all proves to be a pipe dream. For now, though, I have goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck is standing straight up. I am paralyzed with fear, shaking at the mental image of Darin Erstad leading the Dodgers to victories night in, night out.

Is this a nightmare? Or are we just getting tricked? The horror.........the horror.