The Conversation, Four Years in the Making...

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So Dipoto was finally given the autonomy he needed to fire his manager. I'd like to think this is how that conversation went down...

Jerry Dipoto picks up the phone and calls Lloyd McClendon, manager of the Mariners...

Dipoto: "Mike, it's been a good run, but we need to move in another direction. You know, (giggles) turn the page."

McClendon: "Jerry, what are you talking about, it's me, Lloyd."

Dipoto: "You know, I tip my cap to you, Mike. (giggles) You stuck to your guns. You went with Bedrosian when the season was on the line. That was really ballsy, I mean Salas was probably ready to go, too." (giggles)

McClendon: "Dammit! This isn't cool, just because you couldn't fire Scioscia doesn't mean you have to fire me!"

Dipoto: "The real shame here Mike is that I just changed our caterer to (giggles) the Olive Garden. Tonight we'll have the "Tour of Italy" as our post meeting spread. I know how much you love their.....(giggles) lasagna...."

McClendon: "Screw it. I'll clean out my locker. Did that feel good, Jerry?"

Dipoto: "Yes. Yes it did, Mike."

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