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Not my MVP: Josh Donaldson wins AL MVP, Mike Trout runner-up

Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Okay, so we sort of knew that this was coming, but now we have some closure and can move on with our lives: Josh Donaldson has won the AL MVP award, edging out the MVP of our hearts and minds, Mike TroutWe knew that there was a case for Donaldson, and that if he won as expected, that it wasn't exactly the biggest travesty in the history of the league., we sure wanted Trout to win and go back-to-back years of being voted the best in the business.

It wasn't unanimous, at least, although it wasn't necessarily close either. The voting ended up having Donaldson with 23 1st place votes, and 7 2nd place votes. Meanwhile, Trout got only 7 1st place votes, 22 2nd place votes and 1 3rd place vote. You have to think that if it weren't for that sad, deflating August stat line Trout put up, coupled with the fact that the Angels didn't make the post-season(it shouldn't matter, but it does), then we'd be seeing that hardware go to it's rightful owner, but alas, the BBWAA has spoken and their most valuable AL player of 2015 was not Mike Trout.

Interestingly, Mike Trout is just the fourth baseball player in history to finish in the top two of voting for the MVP award for four seasons in a row. The other guys on that list? Just some dudes named Yogi Berra, Stan Musial and Barry Bonds.

Meanwhile, in the NL, Bryce Harper won the MVP award there and it was a unanimous decision. Donaldson and Harper...can't say they didn't deserve it, but there will be no praise coming from me. Instead, I will know deep down in my soul who the best player in not only the AL, but in all of MLB is, and it ain't Josh Donaldson, and it ain't Bryce Harper. It's Mike fucking Trout.