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2015 Pregame Picks Final Results!

Thanks for joining in throughout the season!

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Well, the Postseason is finally over, and the only thing left to settle before taking a break for a few months...

The Pregame Picks Final Results!!

First the final week's results!

Featuring 4 BINGO games it was a big chance to capitalize on some points!

Professor Baseball was able to grab 18 points to win the last week of the season!
htennis was close at 16 points,
Chone's Chonies wraps up the top 3 with 15 points.

All in all 9 players were able to break the 10 point barrier for the week.

Top 5 Overall

4th and 5th place was tied at 128 points
The honor goes to lodihalofan and  Professor Baseball!

3rd place, with 131 points, goes to LanaBanana! who was able to leapfrog her way to the bronze position in the last week!

2nd place, comfortable padding that silver medal with 140 points, goes to 1964!

And the Winner of the 2015 Pregame Picks goes to

Ant Fan with 158 points.

Well done and Congratulations!!

Ant Fan was able to wrap up a 13 week streak to the end after snapping Professor Baseball's impressive streak of 10 weeks!

Weekly Summaries

Lodihalofan and Professor Baseball were able to take the weekly crown 4 times this year!
Atlantangel, brownlunchsack, htennis had the honor 3 times this year!
Eric in Portland was able to do it twice as well!

Full results (the last week's individual games, the last week's results, and full final results) can be found here:

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Thanks for a great season here at HH. Here's hoping to an even better one next year!