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What are your offseason plans?

Now that the World Series is over and the Kansas City Royals are the best team ever (until March 2016), what do you plan to do with all your free time?

These guys don't know what to do now, either.
These guys don't know what to do now, either.
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The majority of this site's members are diehard baseball fans. The other members are in denial. We eat, sleep and breathe baseball, and then we waste time spend many, many productive hours on this glorious, magnificent site. All of this means that the offseason is a time of severe deprivation for us. Sure, we have the hot stove season, and we can all wish for certain members of certain staffs to be fired, but nothing can truly replace the joy of a daily baseball game. Or can it?

I know that I like to spend my time reading, writing and watching various TV shows and movies in a vain attempt to fill the void that Mike Scioscia's absence leaves in my heart. Honestly, though, reading some filler like, say, War and Peace will never equal the joy of watching Albert Pujols ground out to third in a big moment of a meaningful game in early April. But I try. Right now, I'm reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell; watching the second seasons of both The Last Man on Earth and Fargo; trying (and failing) to learn how to ride a skateboard without making a complete ass of myself; and still toiling away on the various fiction pieces I began years ago and am too lazy to complete. As for scratching that itch that only sports can create, I'm occupying my time by following the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Bulls. Don't talk to me about the Bears or the Illini, please. Hopefully, Illini hoops can mitigate some of the disaster that is Illini football this year. But I'm not holding my breath.

What are you all doing?

Oh, and just in case you absolutely need some baseball in your life, here's a handy Spring Training Countdown website and here's a link with more information about the various Winter Leagues out there.