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Familiar Angels faces show up on 2016 Hall of Fame ballot

Doug Benc/Getty Images

The ballot for the 2016 Hall of Fame voting has been released, and OH HEY! I know some of those guys! You have Jim Edmonds, who played with the Angels from 1993 to 1999(and in that span, pulled off one of the most memorable catches of the last 30 years), and was quite the fan favorite before heading to St. Louis.

David Eckstein is on there, too! Remember the Ecks Factor? Played with the Angels from 2001 to 2004, and was a key cog of the 2002 Championship team? Of course you do, because Eck was awesome...and he was also quite the fan favorite, until he went to the Cardinals.

Let's see...oh, and Troy Glaus! He was our beloved, power-hitting 3B from 1998 to 2004, also an important member of the 2002 World Series champs. In fact, he was the 2002 World Series MVP, and hit the go-ahead double in the insane game six that turned the tide of Angels lore for decades to come. He would eventually go to play for Arizona after his tenure with the Halos, as well as Toronto, Atlanta and...the Cardinals. Anybody else seeing a pattern with the Angels/Cardinals?

Last, but certainly not least, is the esteemed Garret Anderson. Anderson is currently the Angels all-time leader in hits, doubles and RBIs, and is near the top of the pack in just about every other statistical category, which is understandable considering he played with the Halos from his rookie season in 1994 til 2008. He had a stint with the Dodgers and Braves in the two seasons post-Angels, but he's a Halo lifer if there ever was one. And of course, he was a member of that illustrious 2002 championship team.

I'll be pulling for all of these guys to get their share of votes, or to even get in the HOF(might be a long shot), but more than any, I'll be pulling for GA and Glaus They're the guys that would go into the HOF as Angels, as I'd imagine Edmonds and Eckstein go in as Cardinals. But with their World Series rings, a WS MVP for Glaus, and multiple all-star appearances during their Angels tenures, Garret Anderson and Troy Glaus would be representing the Halos, easily.

Good luck, gentlemen.