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Angels sign OF Rafael Ortega to one year deal

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You feel that? That's the entire landscape of the Los Angeles Angels shifting underneath our feet at this very moment, due to some December wheeling and dealing by Billy Eppler and the Angels. Okay, so maybe it's NOT Earth shattering news, but it's still some hot stove(or perhaps "lukewarm" stove, to be more exact) action on December 1st that will undoubtedly kick off the whirlwind Winter Meetings trade news cycle for the month to come.

Rafael Ortega, for the uninformed(like myself, up until about 10 minutes ago), is a potential fourth OF option for the Angels, likely fighting for a bench spot. He is apparently most comfy at CF, and could also be a decent lefty bat coming off the bench. He's only played 2 MLB games(2012, Rockies) and has since been in the minors, where he's put up a .288/.355/.399 stat line. Oh, and he's supposedly pretty quick on the base paths, so he can at least have Collin Cowgill and Efren Navarro beat in that category, when it comes time for fighting for a roster spot in the Spring.

Ortega is just going to cost the Angels the league minimum, so no big bucks spent here. This is a quiet move but a necessary(and cheap) move, so not much to rant and/or rail about here. We'll just have to see what this raw hitter has come Spring Training.