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WeekEnd HaloLinks: Halos making moves, Gott a go!

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Angels beefed up the infield at the cost of a bullpen arm. They acquire the much traveled Yunel Escobar (and cash) for Trevor Gott. Good stuff right there. Meanwhile, rumors are conflicted on any LAA OF Big Splash. Who to believe?

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Well, the Winter Meetings of 2015 are officially over, and all the decision makers are wafting back home to their friends, their families, and their bosses. Their friends should be happy because they need to fill out a foursome on Monday. Their families will be happy because the tree needs to be put up and decorated. And their bosses will be happy because they improved the team...or didn't spend a lot of money. In the case of the latter, know that it is overcast and foggy back home with a slight chance of rain in the forecast.

For we impatient fans, the waiting game continues. The real issue here is the quantity of teams with a real need for an OF/offense upgrade who are willing to spend the capital...let's call that "A"...versus the number of OF/offense upgrades on the market. That last number is 3...we'll call that "B".

We know what "B" is. It's 4 - Heyward/Upton/Gordon/Cespedes.

So if "A" is greater than 4 then waiting is only going to cost more money as "A" teams panic. Or it will result in total failure for all "A" teams that cannot win any of the bidding.

But If "A" is 4 or less, waiting is going to save money because there will be at least one "B" player hanging out there looking for work when all the shoppers have left the market (Kendrys Morales/Stephen Drew/Ubaldo Jiminez anyone?).

Thus, the waiting game continues. While we wait, enjoy some National Noodle Ring Day Links:


Angels Baseball

Escober: Let's put this up here since it's the only important thing to talk about concerning LAA news for this morning. The Angels sent Trevor Gott off to the Nationals in Exchange for Yunel Escobar and cash. That's a pretty good haul for a BP setup man. But, then again, lots of teams are active in rebuilding their BP's and it was merely the case of casting about to see which of those teams had the right material to send back. A guy who can play either 2B or 3B and hit that little round white baseball thingy is a plus move. (Sorry Lyle, I know you have a man-crush on Howie.) Of course, it remains to be seen where Sosh parks him on the field AND in the lineup and then we get to learn what is happening with his range AND if he can remain a happy camper while in Anaheim..........Meanwhile, about 6 months from now Gott and Yunel become interview subjects highly in-demand, since these two will have an everyday perspective to render comparisons between Bryce Harper and Mike Trout..............

OMG: Rule 5 Draft Day, and are we not excited!? Unlike most teams which shied away from these kinds of opportunities, the Angels dove in and grabbed a player. In fact, the Angels didn't grab just ONE player, they grabbed TWO! The lucky guys are BP arm Deolis Guerra (RHP) out of the Pirates organization, and Ji-Man Choi (1B) away from the Orioles. I know. Calm yourselves. There is still plenty of time before these two might cause any potential damage and a lot can happen between now and then. meanwhile, read yourself up on some Rule 5 Draft regulations..........While we are here, we lost Chris O'Grady (LHP) in round 2 of this draft to the Reds. In the first round of the AAA phase we lost Kurt Spomer (RHP) to the Tigers but picked up Blayne Weller (RHP) from the DBacks. Then, in the second round, we picked off Ariel Ovando (LHP) from the Cubs. In the third round we gained D.J Johnson (RHP) from the MarlinsThe full results can be found here.


Elsewhere In Baseball

Bonds: The Marlins, having gotten Barry Bonds to consider the baby step of becoming their hitting coach, might be open to radicalizing their relationship further and putting him on the 25-man roster once they get him into a uniform..........

DIPS: This cannot be an accident. In an article titled Do the Diamondbacks understand DIPS theory? the lead photo is of a General Manager who has been caught making monumentally dumb statements in front of other people. Out loud. So I guess my answer to the question posed in the title would be "yes"...........

Managers: Yeah. What is it that you do, again?..........

Baseball Biz: In case you all forgot, Time-Warner is still out there trying to hustle SportsNet LA to somebody in time for the Dodgers Opening Day 2016..........

Yabba-Dabba-Doo!: Mookie BettsWorld Class bowler. Or, perhaps, next year's dumbest offseason injury news item waiting to happen..........

Tapping Into More Brains: The mariners are blazing more trails with their facelift. They have hired Amanda Hopkins as the first full-time female professional scout of amateur player talent in baseball.


Hot Stove Season


This Date In Baseball History: 1928 - Concerned about pace-of-play and a need for more offense, the president of the National League proposes the implementation of the Designated Hitter. The American League opposes any such folly, and NL President John Heydler withdraws the proposal prior to Commissioner Landis rendering judgement to break the stalemate. Remember that the next time you find yourself in a debate with a National League fan. It was their idea!............1941 - The Giants send over 3 players and cash for Johnny Mize, who will stick with the Giants well into the 1949 season, gift them 28.3 bWAR, is an All-Star and MVP vote getter every season, and ends up in the Hall of Fame. Doesn't matter. 3 of those years were lost to WWII and Mize had already spent 6 seasons with the Cards gathering up 39 bWAR. Mize wears a Cards cap in the Hall...........1950 - "Happy" Chandler, who oversaw the integration of MLB, grew the umpiring corps, and established the Player's pension, finds his contract not renewed by MLB owners. I'm guessing that there might have been a few too many owners who did not care for the integration of baseball, the permanent hiring of a lot more umpires, and losing access to World Series radio broadcast rights which was spent, instead, on creating a pension fund...for players............1951 - Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement from baseball..........1952 - The Pirates hire Fred Haney to be their new manager. Haney will only last through the 1955 season before being canned, finishing in last place each year. Not really his fault, as the Pirates were pretty bad from 1945 through 1957. I make note of this, though, more because this same Fred Haney will later become the very first General Manager of the Los Angeles Angels...........1956 - The MLB Players Association is formed. This new union won't do much of any significance for their first 10 years until, in 1956, they hire Marvin Miller..........1968 - The Angels acquire Hoyt Wilhelm from the Royals in exchange for a pair of catchers. Hoyt never actually played for the Royals. He was drafted off the White Sox roster in the '68 expansion draft, then sent over to the Angels for Ed Kirkpatrick and Dennis Paepke. Wilhelm will last almost one full season before being traded away to Atlanta. One of the players the Angels get back from the Braves is Mickey Rivers..........1973 - Ron Santo becomes the first 10-and-5 player to invoke his no-trade rights when he rejects being sent from the Cubs to the Angels. Instead, Santo agrees to be traded to the cross-town White Sox..........1975 - The Angels trade away Mickey Rivers and Ed Figueroa to the Yankees in return for Bobby Bonds. Bonds will give the Angels 7.1 bWAR over only 2 seasons before being sent to the White Sox in a package that will return Brian Downing, Dave Frost and Chris Knapp. Meanwhile, Rivers and Figueroa will deliver a combined 17.3 bWAR for the Yankees over the next 6 seasons...........